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Hello, the DDS VFO for the TR 7 arrived safe in Berlin / Germany and in perfect condition. Yesterday I picked it up from the customs station. It costs an additional $60 approximately for import tax. I am very satisfied with the functions and will recommend it to other amateurs using Drake TR 7-lines. I hope to hear from you if you have further improvements to offer. Best 73īs Wolfgang DL7KS
Hello KB5OBX, I have received your VFO RB7500. IT IS VERY FINE !! I am very happy with the unit, it is an famous VFO. There are NO problems operating it with my TR-7. I very much enjoy this VFO. You can see my station on my web site www.zebulon1er.net. If a French station wishes to know more about the RB7500,  you can give him my Web site and address. I sent this little message to ebay because you are an fine , fb ebayer !!  Thanks and 73, Jean F6CDX
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